John Hancock Adds New Incentive to Wellness Program

The John Hancock version of the program is famous for helping participants buy Apple Watch health-tracking devices, both to give them an incentive to participate and to support their efforts to monitor and improve their health.

The Ring

The Oura health tracking ring offers data streams that are similar to what an Apple Watch device offers but different, using a lightweight device that can go for three days without charging.

In addition to measuring an individual’s heart rate, temperature and activity, the ring can measure sleep.

Members of one John Hancock Vitality program tier can get a 10% discount on the $299 Oura device, and members in another tier can get a 15% discount.

Local regulations affect access to the ring: John Hancock notes that the ring discount is not available in Guam, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Puerto Rico or Vermont.

The Oura Ring health tracker. (Image: Oura)

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