Indexed Life Insurance Sales Climbed 7.6% Since Q2 2022: Wink

Sheryl Moore, Wink CEO, suggested that the strong performance of the indexed products could soon affect the level of competition in that part of the market.

“If sales keep setting records like this, the par whole life carriers will have no choice but to develop their own indexed solution,” she said.

Cash-Value Life Basics

Cash-value policies can help clients support many types of long-range planning, including charitable gift planning, long-term care planning and college cost planning, as well as estate planning.

The issuer of a non-variable indexed life insurance ties growth in the death benefits to the performance of an investment index, such as the S&P 500 index. Because the policy is a non-variable insurance product, it must protect a policy owner who follows the policy rules against investment-market-related loss of principal.

Sheryl Moore. Credit: Wink

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