KPMG and Microsoft partner to deliver cloud-based tax technologies

KPMG and Microsoft announce that they are making “significant” investments to deliver cloud-based tax technologies to help companies become “future-ready”.

Microsoft and KPMG aim to transform tax technologies

The collaboration aims to aid companies and their operations through AI, machine learning, automation and data and analytics applications on the KPMG proprietary Digital Gateway platform, enabled by the Microsoft Azure cloud.

The companies say that the investment in new technology will create value for businesses in more than 140 jurisdictions around the world.

KPMG says its Digital Gateway platform is “built with the C-suite in mind”. It offers a holistic view of a company’s total tax and finance data, in real time, within a single platform, and allows non-technology professionals to easily use the tool.

It adds that the platform helps inform strategy, forecast outcomes, plan tax requirements, minimise risk and generate cost savings.

KPMG and Microsoft have added three new applications to the Digital Gateway platform – Tax Advance, Data Factory and Connected Modeling – to help improve tax and finance functions.

“An organisation’s data is both vast and complex and in order to generate real value from it, the right technology is critical,” says Brad Brown, global head of tax technology and innovation, KPMG International.

“Digital Gateway is intended to be an organisation’s single source of truth for all its tax and finance information.

“Our relationship with Microsoft is a testament to our investment in tax technology built to help the C-suite make sense of their data so that they can ultimately drive value and benefit the bottom line,” Brown adds.

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