50 Fun Date Night Ideas (Most Are Free or Cheap)!

If you are in a relationship, you know how easy it can be to pass on having a date night due to kids, too much going on, or even finances.  However, it is essential to your relationship to spend some quality time together.  How do you do that? By having a date night, of course!


We’ve come up with some cute date night ideas that are fun and affordable ways to have a date night with your partner.  We’ve kept them budget-friendly so you won’t have to spend a lot of money.


To make this even more fun, we’ve created date night cards!  Print them out and toss them into a box or a jar and draw one out and let fate determine what you will do for date night this week!  With 50 ideas, you will always have something you can do together.  And, some of these ideas may inspire some of your own!


1. Make s’mores over your fireplace fire or home campfire.  You can also try your hand at this fun s’mores dip recipe too!

2. Teach one another something new. If you know how to paint, teach your partner.  Maybe he or she can show you how to build a shelf.

3. Take in the stars.  Watch for shooting stars or try to find constellations.

4. Movie Night at home. Cuddle up on the floor with a few pillows and a blanket. Share a bowl of popcorn and your favorite beverage. If you have a great backyard, put the movie on your laptop and head outside.

5. Go on a bike ride around a local park or lake. Take time to stop along the way and take in the nature around you.

6. Take a nice long day hike up a local trail. Identify trees or plants along your trip.

7. Create an ice cream bar.  Don’t forget the hot fudge!

8. Play a card game.  You can play something as simple as Go Fish or learn a new game.  Or, there is always a game of poker, to which you can add some “spice” if you wish.

9. Go for a nice long scenic drive together. For more fun, try to make only left (or right turns) and see where you end up.

10. Play a game of Mini Golf.  Just check for coupons before you go!

11. Rent a movie or TV series.  Watch all of the Harry Potter movies or every season of Grey’s Anatomy (which will last a few date nights).

12. Play a game of Red Neck Golf. For more fun, you could find plans to make it yourself!

13. Check out your local farmer’s market. You can also play the alphabet game and see if you can’t find products for every letter.

14. Visit your local aquarium. Don’t forget to take fish face selfies!

15. Play a game of “Chopped Challenge.”  Have the kids put a few ingredients into a box for you and see what you can create together.

16. Visit your local museum. You can also check out a local art exhibit.  Add more fun by having a scavenger hunt in the museum to find items like a blue shirt, tree, etc.

17. Get tickets to a local concert, performance, or show. Grab dinner at home before you go so you can save a few bucks

18. Visit your local zoo. Walk around imitating the animals you just saw.  You’ll be guaranteed to laugh.

19. Attend a local sports game. Check out a high school or college game.  If you live near a minor league team, tickets to these games are much less expensive than professional teams.

20. Spa Night. Give each other a massage, pedicure, or facial and soak in the tub.

21. Candlelight dinner.  But, don’t make it!  Try a fun fast food restaurant by soft candlelight.

22. Go to the driving range. FORE!!

23. Shopping trip.  Make it more fun by buying something for one another that you like.

24. Plan your dream house.  Go online and look on Pinterest for ideas.  For even more fun, visit your local home improvement store and select your carpet, appliances and more.

25. Have a fondue night.  Find some fondue recipes and make your dinner and dessert at home.

26. Play board games.  See if you can finally finish a game of Monopoly.

27.  Hit the playground.  Push one another on the swings, go down a slide and get dizzy on the merry-go-round (if they have one).

28.  Coffee talk.  Go to your favorite coffee store and grab a cup and just talk. Set rules such as no mention of the kids!

29. Check out the bookstore. Skip the electronic books and go to a bookstore.  Sit and read together or listen to an author reading from his or her book.

30. Bowling. Check out your local alley to find out when they might have rock and bowl or blacklight bowling.

31. Slip-n-slide. Dig out the kiddie pool or the slip-n-slide and have some fun!

32. Beer or wine tasting. If you live near a brewery or vineyard, go on a tour, and don’t forget the samples!

33. Volunteer.  Find a charity you both love and volunteer your time to help out.  You’ll get to spend time together while being able to help someone else.

34. Tour an open house.  If your city offers a tour of homes, take in a few of them.  Dream about what you would do or pretend to be a realtor selling it to one another.

35. Scavenger Hunt. Create a list of things you need to find around your neighborhood.  You could turn it into a mini food drive for a local charity too!

36. Feed the ducks.  Stop by the park and feed the ducks.  People watch and come up with your own story about their lives.

37. Fly a kite.  Bonus points if you make it yourself!

38. Build a fort blanket.  Then, spend the night inside eating snacks, telling ghost stories, or watching a movie.

39. Take a class.  Check with your local parks and rec department and take a class together.  You can also take a DIY class at your home improvement store (and then make improvements at home).

40. Glamour shot.  Get out the makeup and accessories and dress one another up.  Don’t forget to take photos!

41.  Strip games.  Enough said.

42. Store hunt.  Have fun at Walmart finding the craziest items on your list.

43. Nerf gun war.  Borrow the kids’ guns and have some fun!! Make sure you have plenty of ammo!

44. Geocaching.  Such a great way to have some fun outside.

45. Roller skating.  Make sure you wear a helmet.

46. Backyard camping.  Set up the tent and make a campfire (in your grill or fire pit).

47. Test drive vehicles.  Not just any though, try your dream car!

48. Visit an arcade.  Play the games your kids love.  Or, pull out the Wii, classic Atari, or Sega and have fun at home.

49. Play the newlywed game.  Create 10 questions and write down your answers.  See if your partner can answer them correctly.

50. Love notes.  Write a note or poem for one another.  It is important to know how much you mean to the person you love.

There you go!  Fifty fun ways to spend a day or night with your favorite person!  Money won’t be an excuse for not doing something together with these cheap date night ideas!

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