Crypto ecosystem Nebeus partners Modulr to bridge fiat and crypto

European crypto platform Nebeus has partnered with embedded payments platform Modulr to expand its offering with fiat accounts, real-time payments and Visa cards.

Nebeus taps Modulr for fiat accounts, real-time payments and Visa card functionality

Barcelona-based Nebeus offers a “full crypto ecosystem”, allowing users to earn rewards on crypto, access an exchange and personal wallet, borrow crypto, and embed crypto for B2B clients.

Nebeus chief operating officer (COO) and head of product, Michael Stroev, says: “Harnessing Modulr’s embedded payments platform, we can build new products and services to achieve our mission of bridging the gap between traditional money and crypto, and scale at pace.”

Thanks to the partnership with Modulr, Nebeus will be able to issue branded virtual and physical cards – with issuing features such as card-freezing, real-time spend notifications and spend controls – to customers across the UK and Europe.

Modulr says this will provide Nebeus customers with a payment experience equivalent to that offered by a traditional bank account providing unique IBANs (EUR) or Sort Codes and Account Numbers (GBP), bridging crypto and fiat payments.

Modulr’s managing director of Europe, Marca Wosoba, says the partnership is “a great example of the growth and innovation we can spark when we make money flow more efficiently through European businesses and the economy”.

“Establishing and running a card programme across Europe requires multiple partnerships, a complicated partner network and extensive time and money.

“The European launch of our card issuing solution replaces these legacy inefficiencies with a proven, full-stack solution,” Wosoba adds.

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