Zombie Put Me In A Box Halloween Costume

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My daughter decided that she wanted to do something really different this last year.  We did some research, and she found an image of someone who appeared to be carrying herself in a box.  She told me that this is what she wanted to do.

The directions on the site we found were not easy to follow at all.  I had to figure most of it out myself.  While this was more work for me, you get the benefit as I am going to share the step-by-step instructions right here for you (along with images) so that you can make this too!

It looks like it is a lot of work, but it is actually easier than it appears!

Other helpful Halloween ideas:


Box (large enough for you to fit into)
Pajama pants or jeans
Rubber bands
Poly Fiber Fill (one bag)
Old shoes
Styrofoam head
Black Spray paint
Wooden dowel rod (will need to slide into the bottom of the styrofoam head)
Old Jacket or shirt
Zombie mask (if no hair on the mask, you will need a wig or hat too)


Step 1.  To begin, you will want to cut out the bottom of the box.  The hole should be just large enough so that it will slide up over your hips and rest there.  Your feet and legs will be the legs of the zombie.  Here is a view of the hole we cut in our box.


We used to take to ensure that none of the flaps moved and would stay out of the way of sliding the box up over my daughter’s hips.

Step 2. Using rubber bands (or string), tie the ends of the pajama pants or jeans closed.  Then, stuff them with fiberfill until they look good.  You will want to test them by bending them over the side of the box to make sure that they look right (not too fat or too thin).

Step 3.  Attach the shoes to the bottom of the pants.  We used the laces and tied them tightly to the pants.  You could use pins or any other method you feel will work to attach them.

Step 4. Spray paint the styrofoam head and wooden dowel both black (this will make sure they are not as visible on the costume.

Step 5. Next, you will need to dry fit the zombie head into the backpack.  zip the backpack shut and slide the dowel in from the top.  Have your child put the backpack on and determine where the head should sit (should be a little bit above your child’s head).  Then, cut off any excess so that when the dowel rod is place back into the backpack, the height will be correct.

Step 6. You will now want to give your zombie arms.  To do this. rubber band the arms of the shirt closed and then fill them with more fiberfill.  You will also want to fill the gloves with fiberfill, so that they appear to have a hand in them. It is important that you do not overfill them as you want the arms to be able to bend as they will have to be secured to the box eventually.

Add fiber fill (or towels or other lightweight items) to the backpack so that it has some shape. You want it to look like a person.

Next, place the shirt or jacket over the backpack and determine where to cut holes in the back. Make sure the BACK of the shirt or jacket faces the side of the backpack which you open.  Now, when you put the backpack on, you will not see any of it, but only the shirt itself (sorry for this blurry shot, my daughter was helping me take photos).

Attach the gloves to the shirt using rubberbands or safety pins.  Do NOT attach to the box until you put the costume on.

Step 7. Place the wig/mask onto the styrofoam head.  Now you have the body and head of your zombie!

Step 8.  To finalize, slide the box up over your legs.  Next, place the “fake legs” over the side of the box.  If they will not stay put, you can use some tape to keep them in place (just tape under the knees so you do not see it).

Put the backpack on your back and make sure the head is facing the right way.  Place the hands onto the bottom of the box and attach with tape (attaching underneath means you will not see it.

You can then have your hands hold a bag or do whatever and it will look like your zombie friend is carrying you in a box!!

Since we are Kansas City Royals fans, we turned our zombie into a KC Royals Player and then made the person in the box a NY Mets guy — complete with a black eye!  You can do whatever you want to make yours fun too!

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