Printable Nice and Naughty Notices

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It is the time of the year that many parents tend to play the “Santa is watching” card.  It is easy to say when your kids act up or when kids act up or happen to do something amazing. Print a nice or naughty notice and have fun with your kids this Christmas!

Whether your kids believe with their whole heart or are starting to question things, a fun way to show them that they are doing good things is by having your Elf on the Shelf deliver a Naughty or Nice Notice.  It comes directly from the North Pole!

Click the image to find out how you can get your notices. Print and complete the form with your child’s name and behavior.  Have your Elf on the Shelf sign your certificate. Then, place it on your child’s dresser for them to see when they wake or get home from school.  Watch their eyes when they can tell you are not lying.


It is important that kids know when they are doing good things – not just being corrected for the bad.  These nice notices are great to reinforce that good behavior.  That, in turn, makes them want to earn more notices.

A nice notice to tell them they were nice to their baby brother or really helped out Mom by picking up their room can go a long way in positive reinforcement.



However, none of us are perfect.  That is the message it is essential to convey to your kids if they happen to get a Naughty Notice.  Make sure you talk it over with your kids and let them know that they are not on the naughty list, but they have been caught doing something that they should not have done.

It’s a perfect learning opportunity for your kids to take responsibility for their own actions.  If you do happen to issue a Naughty Notice, try to give Nice notice within a day or so — again to help your kids feel good about themselves.

Christmas is such a magical time for kids, and they believe for such a short time.  Try to have fun with it and do what you can to make it memorable for your kids!

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