Anti Valentines – Top 3 Places for a Solo Trip

Join the self-love club and take yourself somewhere spectacular for some rest and recuperation this Valentine’s Day. We’ve picked three of the best places to head to where it is more fun with one, no compromise in sight!

Image by chrismohring CC0

New York

Are you a culture vulture with night owl tendencies? Well, New York is the place to go for some solo circuits on the arts and culture scene. Galleries and museums stay open until 9 or 10 at night so you can explore the galleries in sweet serenity. And if you do fancy striking up a conversation with someone, you’ll find the hospitality of New Yorkers more than accommodating – it is the place to be if you like to chat with strangers!

What not to miss: Whitney Museum of American Art – open until 10pm on Fridays.


This is the best place to head to if you are seeking solitude. Whether your plan is to bike, hike, horse ride, or explore in a 4×4, Iceland offers a wealth of natural wonders to discover in it’s vast and expansive landscape. February is a great time to make a trip, there is likely to be snow, and the Northern Lights might still put on a show!

Where to go: Diamond Beach – huge chunks of ice set against the black volcanic sand is a spectacular sight.


It doesn’t get friendlier than Dublin! This is the destination du jour if you like to travel solo but still want to feel the love and connection of those around you. Head to any bar and you’ll be met with a warm welcome, great conversation, and you’re almost guaranteed to come away feeling like you’ve made a fair few friends for life. There is plenty to explore in the city, but don’t forget to balance it out with some time in the wilds of Ireland.

Top spot to visit: The Cliffs of Moher – Space to let your mind wander while you take a tranquil walk on the emerald isle and gaze across the Atlantic.


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