Prime Series – Analytics & Forecasts – 13 February 2023

The Prime series a new product line, that will consist of fixed setups from existing EA’s (in this case Advanced Scalper), where I selected a specific setup, which I believe is the best way to go with the EA. 

The setups are based on longterm live results on multiple brokers.  So you are basically buying an EA with longterm proven track records.

This fixed setup will be hardcoded into the EA, and the EA will simply run using a OneChartSetup.  

If you already have the original EA, you DO NOT need this Prime version, as it adds nothing, but rather simplifies the setup.  

The Prime Series will not have adjustable parameters.  It will simply run the setup that I chose for that EA. 

The idea behind the Prime series, is that clients, who simply wish a simple plug and play EA, to add to their portfolio, without all the adjustable parameters, or different set files, can simply buy the products from the Prime series, which will be sold at a reduced price compared to the original EA. 

That way, they can build a portfolio consisting of my EA’s, at an interesting price.   

If you want full customizations possible, it is recommended to purchase the original EA.

Currently, the following EA’s are available in the Prime Series:

Advanced Scalper MT4

Advanced Scalper MT5

Red Hawk MT4

Red Hawk MT5

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