10 Useful Phrases to Try Out at Your Next Social Event

6. “This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this problem.”

Now you meet another person. They are talkative. They hear you are a financial advisor. Perhaps they overheard you talking or saw the logo on your tie or polo shirt. They start talking about this problem that has developed within their investment portfolio. Maybe they brought up a financial question that involves money but has nothing to do with investing.

Try this: “It’s not the first time I have heard about this problem.” It’s true. You come across it often. You recap the major points, which demonstrates you have been listening.

Why it works: Consider high blood pressure. Your doctor told you that you’ve got it. You feel guilty. You must be doing something wrong. But according to the CDC, 47% of Americans have the same problem. Suddenly, you are one of many. There must be a solution.

You mentioned you have seen this financial problem before. The unspoken message is if you have helped others, maybe you can help them too.

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