Who Wants to Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card?

Just for fun, I’m giving away another $500 Amazon gift card this week to celebrate the launch of my new book, The Time-Saving Mom. (Photo shown above is from Getting My Act Together. Read her honest review of The Time-Saving Mom here.)

This time around, in order to enter to win, you just need to request that your library carries my book and/or check the book out from the library. That’s it!

It’s such a helpful thing for an author for you to request that their book is in the library and for you to check it out from the library. Not only does having your book in the library mean that a lot of people will find it and read it who wouldn’t otherwise, but the more people who check it out or put it on hold, means the more the library will notice and possibly either order additional copies of the book or put it in a more prominent display position.

How to Enter to Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card

To enter to win, you just need to:

  1. Request that your library carries the book, ebook, and/or audiobook OR check out the book from your library or put it on hold, if they already have it.
  2. Then, just email me proof that you requested it (forward the email or send me a screenshot): moneysavingmom @ gmail.com
  3. Fill out this super-simple form and you are entered!

I’ll choose and notify the winner on Saturday, March 25, 2023!

(Psst! Susanna Honaker won the last giveaway! I’ve emailed her details on how to claim her gift card.)

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