Uniswap v3 code free to fork as BSL expires By Cointelegraph

Developers are now allowed to fork v3 protocol as its Business Source License (BSL) expired on April 1, shows the protocol documentation. The expiration was a much-anticipated event within the DeFi ecosystem, as it enables developers to deploy their own decentralized exchange (DEX).

The BSL is a type of license meant to last for a determinate period before becoming completely open source. In general, the purpose is to protect the author’s right to profit from their creations. Uniswap v3’s license was released in 2021 for a period of two years, preventing its code from commercial use. A new license called General Public License applies to the protocol now.

Screenshot: Uniswap V3 core smart contracts repository on GitHub. Source: GitHub
Uniswap v3 Total Value Locked. Source DefiLlama.